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All of our thick smoothie bases are made fresh to order with wholesome real ingredients... no ice, no sorbet, no syrups!

Smoothie Base Options:

  • Acai Bowl - acai, strawberry, banana, coconut water

  • DragonFruit Bowl - dragon fruit, strawberry, banana, coconut water

  • Brain Booster Bowl - acai, blueberries, banana, coconut water


All of our thick smoothie bases come with one of our signature toppings of your choice!


Signature Toppings:

  • Classic - crunchy granola, fresh seasonal fruit, coconut flakes and raw honey

  • Delight - classic topping plus cacao nibs and peanut butter

*We rotate our Smoothie Base & topping offerings seasonally and at our discretion.

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<< Smoothies

Blendlife smoothies are made with real fruit, vegetables and juices. They are packed with delicious flavors and super food nutrients.  No dairy, no syrup and no concentrated juice.  Real ingredients make real good smoothies!

  • Original Blend - strawberry, banana, apple juice &
    coconut water

  • Berry Good - strawberry, blueberry, OJ &
    apple juice

  • Mango Tango - mango, strawberry, apple juice & OJ

  • Strawberry Lemonade - strawberry, lemon, apple juice, coconut water & raw honey

  • DragonFruit - dragon fruit,strawberry, banana, apple juice & coconut water

  • Rio - acai, strawberry, banana, apple juice & coconut water

  • Brain Booster - acai, blueberry, banana, OJ & coconut water

  • Peanut Butter Cup - banana, peanut butter, cacao & almond milk
  • Christina's Coffee Dream - cold pressed coffee, banana, iced coffee cubes, almond milk, cacao powder & peanut butter

  • Beginner Green - kale, mango, banana, ginger & coconut water

  • Superblend - acai, dragonfruit, strawberry, blueberry, apple juice & orange juice

  • BlendHead - acai, dragonfruit, blueberries, kale, ginger, power seeds (sesame, hemp, flax), chia seeds & OJ

  • Hippie Chic - dragonfruit, mango, coconut flakes, gf granola, & OJ​

  • Warm Banana Bread Smoothie - hot water, walnuts, fresh banana, cinnamon, dates & ginger

*We rotate our Smoothie offerings seasonally and at our discretion.


<< Paninis

Essentially a gourmet grilled sandwich; our paninis are made with a variety of locally baked breads, filled with fresh seasonal ingredients, gourmet cheeses and grill-pressed to melty perfection.


  • Italiano (award winning "grilled cheese") - light rye bread, homemade kasil pesto, fresh mozzarella, grape tomatoes, & fresh basil

  • Soprano - light rye bread, homemade kasil pesto, muenster & fontina cheeses, Italian meats (prosciutto, soppressata, & capocollo)

  • Pretzel'wich - pretzel bun & muenster cheese

  • Super Cheesy - sourdough bread, muenster & fontina cheese

  • Kids Grilled Cheese - sourdough bread & muenster cheese

  • Black n Blue - light rye bread, our black bean burger (vegan & gf), homemade kasil pesto, organic greens, grape tomatoes & avocado

  • Avocado Toast -

    • Garden Style: open face toast w. fresh avocado, seasoned greens & sea salt

    • Crunch n Munch: open face toast w. fresh avocado, pumpkin & hemp seeds

*We rotate our Panini offerings seasonally and at our discretion.

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<< More Food

Based on the season or event we also offer:

  • Black Bean Ceviche - black & garbonzo beans soaked in freshly squeezed lime juice, home made pico-de-gallo, corn salsa and our power seeds (sesame, hemp, flax)

  • Grill-a-dilla - flour tortilla, homemade kasil pesto, shredded mexican cheese grilled into quesadilla style

  • Grill Wraps - flour tortilla, kasil pesto, muenster & fontina cheese, italian meats

  • Guacamole - fresh avocados, lime juice, pico-de-gallo and power seeds

  • Pico-de-gallo - freshly chopped salsa w. jalapenos and power seeds

  • Hummus - many styles depending on time of year

  • Sweet Potato Chili - sweet potatoes, black beans, corn, tomatoes, spices, quinoa, bell peppers & jalapeno peppers

  • Cosmic Chili - ground beef, black beans, tomatoes, beer, onion, peppers, blackberry hot sauce & chocolate