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We love to be outside in nature and have always enjoyed our winters at the mountains skiing and snowboarding. With winter disappearing and the very real effects of climate change entering our everyday lives we have decided to make sustainability and eco-consciousness renewed principals in our business. Each season we look again at every part of our menu and process to take into account the amount of waste our BlendMobile creates. As a food truck that carries in all its own water, energy and resources and carries out its own waste, we know how precious our resources are and how large our impact can be. Here are three ways we are working to decrease...

Conscientious Paper Goods

Though we would love to eliminate all one-time use products, it's simply not possible as a business in the food truck industry. However, starting this season there will be a new look to all of our paper goods as we switch over to all compo-stable and recycled materials. Stop by the truck and check out our new green striped paper straws!


Our menu is specifically designed to ensure minimal waste. We utilize fresh produce that has been flash frozen to maintain its nutrients, ensuring that we provide the healthiest ingredients with the best taste and least amount of waste.

Minimal Waste

Inverted Generator


The BlendMobile operates off of the Yamaha 6300 - an inverted generator. We purchased (despite a higher price tag) due to its increased fuel efficiency. It is a "smarter" generator and can tell how much power needs to be drawn at a given time and only supplies that much. Instead of running at full capacity at all times and wasting fuel, our baby saves us $$$ and precious resources!